Training & Coaching

Increasing your knowledge and skillset is a driver for efficiency as well as motivation. Teaching can be explicit like a training session, but also just by leading by example.

Continuous Delivery

Taking the effort and invest in delivery automation will result in faster lead times, more predictable releases and more satisfaction for developers and stakeholders.

Web Security

Design to minimize the attack vectors of potential threats, such as spoofing, authenticity, tampering, integrity, repudiation, information disclosure, denial of service, elevation of privilege

Java & Web-development

Hands-on development is what I love! I have experience with Java, Spring, OSGi, Docker, Kubernetes, webservices, databases, messaging, networking, security, testing, monitoring, scripting, …

Networks & Virtualization

Containerization and orchestration technologies have standardized the way to describe infrastructure, networks and deployment. This empowers developers and paves the way for more automation!

Technical Writing

Agile thinking removed focus on documentation. Yet, technical designs and formal documentation have an important to play in knowledge transfer both internally as cross-domain

Performance testing

Multithreaded test automation is instrumental to baseline against non-functional requirements. Analysis of test results provide indicators on performance, throughput and stability.

Telecommunications industry

Extensive exposure to service monitoring and assurance domain on data, video and telephony products and the IT infrastructure in OSS, BSS and network domain.